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5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyperperforming Teams.

Sanjiv Augustine, Consultor Senior de Cutter Consortium.

For too many organizations, Agile is primarily seen as merely an IT delivery system. Within this archaic and limited mindset, New Product Development is so manageable with Scrum. We amble along with 30-day Sprints, a single product owner, a neat product backlog, and a collocated Scrum team. But, today’s business environment is a tsunami of global hyper competition, with companies entering and being forced off the S&P 500 every 15 years. The classic Innovator's Dilemma is now even more pressing, and quite candidly, archaic Agile is of limited use.

To be competitive now, organizations need to look at the gestalt ... the entire value-stream of activities that are required to bring solutions to market. In this session, we will show concrete examples of how major organizations have innovated along the full path from product ideation to requirements to budgeting to delivery and to operations. Each part of a typical value-stream will be explored to show how agility has impacted these traditionally silo'ed functions and how forward-thinking organizations have reached the next level of performance through tight integration and agile thinking.

Learn the essential steps to conquer the entire value-stream from the “fuzzy front end” of innovation, product discovery, lean experimentation, and modern requirements discovery, to pipeline management, to agile budgeting and incremental funding, to high-performance product-centric teams, and enabling agile engineering techniques.


Agile Digital Center.

Marco Navarro, Consultor Senior de Cutter Consortium.



Transformación Digital a través de una mirada Agil.

Masa Maeda, Consultor Senior Cutter Consortium.